3 tips for using your strengths for positive change with minimum stress

Changing to bring more of your passions and inner dreams to the fore, creating more fulfilment in your life is fabulous - However, we often stress about the transition to this wonderful state

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Changing to bring more of your passions and inner dreams to the fore, creating more fulfilment in your life is fabulous, fantastic and definitely will bring you more freedom, peace of mind and clarity of vision. However, sometimes we stress about the transition to this wonderful state – and let’s face it, everyone feels a little shiver of nervousness when we push the boundaries of our comfort zone.

‘A woman is like a teabag.
You can’t tell how strong she is until you put her in hot water’

— Eleanor Roosevelt

These quick tips will help you through with maximum positivity and minimum stress!

  1. Remember your successes in the past

Make a list of your favourite successes in the past. Times where you were energetic, focused, effective and proud of the results you achieved.

For example – Maybe you had a difficult project or team issue where you found the right solution, you successfully organised a fund-raising or promotional event for a charity or an association, you gave much needed support and encouragement that helped someone in your family or a friend overcome their issues and achieve something important for them, you gained a personal achievement in sport or a creative field….

Think about which of your strengths you used in these situations. What emotions did you feel and how did you focus your strengths on those tasks. Now think about how you can use these to the best effect in this transition.

  1. Nurture your positivity and courage

When you are feeling weak, tired, doubting or insecure about any aspect of a transition, look at your list of strengths and the emotions you feel when you are in the flow of one of your passions, look again at the opportunities and strengths in your personal SWOT. (If you haven’t done your personal SWOT yet, email me and I will send you the worksheet and explain how to do it).

Once you have looked at these remember that it is YOU that has all these wonderful strengths and feelings. That it is YOU that has the dynamism and talent to use them in an inspiring and innovative way…

Take a quiet moment to sit and meditate about your strengths, your positivity and your encouraging, powerful emotions and the fulfilment you will feel using them.

  1. Visualise your image

Take the time to really visualise yourself positively, successfully, creatively doing your passion, your objective, your dream. See yourself in the picture, see what you are wearing, who is around you, the happy, interested expression on their faces, feel your emotions in that picture, live it fully, experience the fulfilment it gives you, the pride, the energy, the passion…

Visualisation is a very strong exercise which helps us achieve our desires. Our mind and body experience this success which makes it more familiar and therefore helps us follow the path while greatly enjoying the steps along the way!

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