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My journey to Medical School was pretty straightforward, endless studying and a desire to be a doctor stemming from lots of exposure to hospitals as a patient with childhood cancer and severe Asthma. I am pretty sure Dr Carter ER played a role too, be still my teenage heart!

My first jobs passed in a blur of long hours and learning on the job but when I first started as junior psychiatrist I knew I was home. 

The richness and complexity of people’s life stories was endlessly fascinating and I found that my colleagues were a mix of really eclectic interesting people with numerous interests outside of medicine. This has always been really important to me to mesh the creative with the scientific, I love to read, love art and travelling and i think we need to open our minds more in medicine to the role of the arts in health or just to innovation in general. I have never liked routine or being told what to do, a bit of thinking laterally and outside the NHS rules box is never a bad thing in my opinion! 

One of my first roles was working with women and children and my passion for supporting women’s mental health and their families stemmed from then. Since then I have worked with women  for the past ten years. If we don’t get the care of mothers right through pregnancy and in the postnatal period there can be long term implications for the mothers and child’s health. The cost to society of untreated perinatal mental illness in the UK is £8.1 billion per year. 

I have been lucky to have been mentored by some dynamic and passionate women through my career and each one of them has shaped me in some way into the woman I am today. I was very unconfident in medical school in my skills and it has taken me a long time to flourish. My own growth with yoga, exercise and my husband and family has helped me along the path. Yoga in particular has really helped me have a sense of who I am and find an inner strength and resolve. 

I feel passionate now about supporting young female students that work with my team, I am really keen to teach more than just the facts of medicine. I feel we should focus much more on skills like communication, kindness, resilience and empathy. I also encourage students to debate facts, read widely and to see holistic care as the way forward.

I strongly belief we should all take more responsibility for our own health and that we should see medicine as not just prescribed pills but diet, exercise, relationships, travel, reading, writing, sunshine. I have had periods of low mood and anxiety in my life and I know that eating well and regular exercise do more for me mentally than anything else, that and a good sunbathe or gossip with friends and the occasional glass of red wine. 

I try to bring all of these elements into my practise and my focus now is on supporting women particularly after birth trauma in the NHS and privately. 

My aim eventually is to set up a world class high quality treatment centre for women that incorporates all of these elements of psychological wellness treatment in one beautifully designed building… watch this space! 


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