Language Learning Beliefs

Beliefs, Modelling and Motivation… Do you know what yours are?
Here are some brief insights into thought-provoking exercises and techniques to successfully overcome barriers, facilitate fluency and find your goals and motivations to really gain momentum in language learning

Actions Speak Louder Than Words

For me, its the psychology behind acquiring real ease, fluency, comfort and being at home in another language – not just stepping into their shoes and becoming a native, but feeling so at ease that its like putting your slippers on.  I was trained by the great man himself, and really did have the experience of seeing him with several different pairs of slippers, each of which he slipped on with equal ease and comfort!  

Integration or Repudiation

Who wants to spend time  with someone they don’t understand, who refuses to accept their way of life, their beliefs, their taboos, their evaluation of socially correct behaviour, their interests, their traditions, their heritage AND their humour!  

The Chameleon

I met the ultimate language fluency chameleon in the creator of OPAL – I had the enormous good fortune to study under, and be trained by, the man himself…  

Listening to him, watching him, his culture, his attitude, his movement, I swear he is an American, then a Brazilian, then a Frenchman… I am so confused!

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