Corporate Wellness

Help your colleagues stay energised and positive with wellness talks, articles and webinars as well as online yoga classes to promote health, wellness and serenity.

The below-mentioned ‘online’ services help ease the complications, pressure and stress  encountered in our professional environment as well as boosting health, fitness, relaxation, positivity and a more holistic view of life, wellness and success…

***Workshops and retreats also available in person in your offices or preferred venue.

Career, lifestyle and wellness coach. Holistic Wellness Advocate, yoga teacher, nutritionist. 

Providing holistic wellness programmes (career, mindset, fitness, nutrition) including yoga classes, meditations and relaxations, webinars, assessments, articles and good practices for having a better balanced lifestyle based on holistic wellness.

Result? Energising your life, creating a positive mindset and in general finding your ZING!

Rejuvenate, energise, balance…

Anna Letitia Cook

Tailored to your needs

Fitting in with your professional commitments, lifestyle and everyday routine

Yoga, fitness, meditations

Holistic Wellness and Lifestyle – Career, mindset, fitness, nutrition

Webinars – health, sleep, energy, productivity, positivity


Guides, assessments, articles and webinars on the following:

Working more easily and productively from home

Relaxation and stress management

Time and productivity management

Better sleep habits

Improved mind-body health

Fitness and nutrition for wellness

Online Yoga Classes

(via private FB group, zoom, teams or similar)

Silver Yoga

Smile Yoga

Chair Yoga

These yoga classes are approximately 30 minutes long and provide a welcome and healthy activity to reduce stress, improve mental focus and positive attitude in addition to improving physical fitness, flexibility and strength, increasing energy and sense of wellbeing and peace.

Workshops and Retreats

(Tailored to your company's requirements and objectives)

These holistic success and wellness retreats include seminars on career choice, development, success + fulfilment, wellness (health, fitness, sleep, mental outlook, positivity recalibration, fulfilment, passion, peace of mind)
in addition to work on development and realignment of the 4Fs (freedom, focus, facilitation and fulfilment).

As well as fresh, healthy food and lots of exercise, we go into the key pillars of HOLISTIC SUCCESS -
Career, Mindset, Fitness, Nutrition and how it impacts and improves your overall lifestyle.

Please contact me to discuss your interests.

**Available over a varying number of days, in several countries, regions and different types of environment** ...Choose from 'surrounded by nature' to hotels/conference centres or within your own offices, according to your preference...

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Workshops and Retreats in beautiful Wales, France, Peru and Bermuda…

Lasting up to a week 3 or 4 times a year, incorporating yoga, ayurveda, and wellness (mindset, fitness, nutrition, wellness treatments, walking, meditation or peace of mind focus, destress etc) including classes on how to cook healthier food, give yourself some of the treatments, AND learn your dosha for better career and lifestyle choices!

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Improve your life with The 4Fs for Holistic Wellness and Success

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