Corporate Zen Den

business becomes zen

The Corporate Zen Den is an ongoing monthly program delivered through a mixture of live virtual sessions and pre-recorded videos that will energise your team, boost their motivation and increase their productivity.

It includes five breathing/relaxation sessions plus 2 yoga classes per week; and a ‘Monthly Motivation Masterclass’.

Monthly Motivation Masterclass

Create your Holistic Success

Discover, create and activate your Holistic Success plan – learn how to manage, channel and realign your commitments and your choices for a more positive, productive and fulfilling lifestyle.

Imagine, create, inspire – better together!

Breaks, Breathing and Relaxation

Benefit from your Breaks

Breathing and relaxation breaks not only help you to reduce stress, improve creativity and enjoy relaxing but also improve mindset, focus and attention. 

Great to help you through a tough project or before an important meeting…

Yoga, Fitness and Nutrition

Increase your energy, improve your life

Why yoga? Improves strength, balance, flexibility. Relaxes you, helps you sleep better. Helps manage stress. Increases energy, brightens mood.

What we eat affects brain and body so get it right – Eat well, sleep well, live well!

Better Together

Promoting a more positive, relaxed and productive, as well as healthier, atmosphere in all areas of professional and personal life, creates managers and team who give their best and support each other – happily and willingly!

Small actions have a big impact. When all aspects of our life are balanced the world becomes a more creative, positive and energising place to live.

From the office, from home, as a team or individually – Enjoy this progressive online program to improve your health, increase your energy, boost your creativity, better your mood and enjoy a more fulfilled, positive and productive environment.

Dynamise your teams by developing a more inspiring, innovative and holistic way of working.

Improve your life with The 4Fs for Holistic Wellness and Success

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