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Corporate Wellness: As a company, do you wish to improve your employees health, mindset and productivity overall by integrating a wellness program (with online classes, webinars and workshops as well as in-house if required)? Start simply and easily with one of my workshops or classes and help build healthy and happy teams.  There are several ways you can support your employees both mentally and physically, boosting their fitness and increasing their dynamism and positivity. Optimising their mind-body health not only is good for them as individuals, but also good for the company spirit as a whole and even for bettering relationships with clients. Happiness and positivity is an inspires more happiness and positivity… Energise your relationships both inside and outside your company.

Inspiring Holistic Leaders: Maybe you want to energise your teams by developing a more innovative and holistic way of working with the ‘Inspiring Holistic Leaders‘ management course. Small actions have a big impact. When all aspects of our life are balanced the world becomes a more creative, positive and energising place to live. Having Managers who are skilled at thinking, creating, inspiring and leading holistically improves the team’s physical and mental health individually and their vision, team spirit, dynamics  and productivity working together.  Promoting a more positive, relaxed and productive, as well as healthier, atmosphere in all areas of professional, as well as personal, life creates managers and team who give their best and support each other – happily and willingly!

International Career  Development: For career development, you need first to ensure clarity! You need to know what you want, where you want to go and how to get there. A first step for this is SCOPE, a simple, step-by-step blueprint to help you find the personal and career fulfilment you want and deserve You need to know fundamental strategies on how to optimise your ideas, your choices and your fulfilment. One-Call Consult offers a focussed consultation on the areas where you need clarity together with an action plan to take away. The discussion can be on one of the following areas: Boost Your International Career, Manage Your Stress Points, Find Your Career Purpose, Create your Lifestyle Balance… You choose! 

Additional training and coaching might be productive for career development particularly if working internationally – particularly understanding the culture, different ways of working, beliefs, values and, sometimes, considerably different concepts on prioritisation. You might find the ‘Working Internationally Webinars’ will help you with this. 

Not only are business skills necessary but also languages, whether business English or genuine fluency in any language as well as cultural integration. These can make all the difference to achieving successful careers and rewarding results.

What clients say

It is a great pleasure to learn English with Anna Letitia Cook. Actually Anna has a talent for winning your trust. She leaves you the time to speak and express yourself without interruption. Only after she explains the best form. Moreover, Anna is very open-minded and understands easily your business environment. So you can have very interesting exchanges of view on wide range of topics.
Emeric Bastid
I enjoy working with Anna. She is a friendly, helpful and supportive teacher and coach. Anna has taught me the essentials of Business English related to my work. She has also provided me with an understanding of the language, mentality and different ways of working in international business. She is very easy to work with and I now feel much more confident working in an international market in English. I definitely recommend working with Anna
Pascal Wavrant
Senior Accountant
Anna est une personne qui sait chercher au fond de nous la ressources pour prendre confiance et voir les choses sous un angle meilleur. Professionnelle, impliquée et disponible, c'est un réél plaisir de partager les sujets les plus difficiles et trouver des solutions conjointement.
Nathalie Prades
Director, CSP Paie
Anna is an excellent teacher and coach, friendly, patient, supportive and objective. As well as providing me with clear and accurate development tools and career advice, she showed me the interaction between different countries and the language of corporate culture in an international business environment. She has a lot of empathy so she is very easy to get on with and I felt comfortable working with her. I saw rapid results, I have improved my business English to a high level, I feel confident dealing in an international market in English. I strongly recommend working with Anna if you really want to achieve the best results
Jerome Bronchart
Key Account Manager
"Anna is a welcoming, attentive and responsive teacher and coach. She focused on my specific language requirements, demonstrated the different mentality and way of working between countries including the language of corporate culture in international business. She has good insight and established a comfortable rapport as well as providing me with comprehensive and well-defined development tools, so I felt at ease working with her and obtained rapid results. I am now at a high level in business English and feel confident negotiating in an international market. I highly recommend Anna to improve rapidly and gain excellent results."
Laurence Sottel
Country Manager / Senior Sales & Marketing Director
Aux francophones qui voulez enfin devenir fluides en Anglais, avec des échanges vivants et de qualité, une interlocutrice ouverte et précise à la fois, qui saura vous accompagner depuis là où vous en êtes de votre pratique, jusque bien plus loin dans votre confort et vos usages : je vous recommande Anna, que vous soyez près de Rennes ou à des milliers de kilomètres par skype. Vous avez beaucoup à y gagner.
Luc Rambaldi
Auteur du Cours Systemique

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