Exercise for Success – It really works!

The engine is your body… it is like a piece of machinery, therefore it needs to work well not be corroded and badly maintained. All parts need to be cared for on a regular basis...

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So how are you today? Is your journal progressing?

Here we woke up to a beautiful misty morning with the sun just shining through, glinting off the spiders webs in the grass on our early morning walk – ‘we’ and ‘our’ being the dogs and me – lol… Early risers all of us, and can’t wait to be out an about. This could also be due to me following my own advice and doing the journal too… and particularly paying attention to my sleeping, but more of that another time..

Let me give you a very brief reminder about exercise and fitness here – I will go into it in more depth another time… As I have already mentioned, you can read an article I wrote about 3 quick tips to stoke up the success engine which shows you how important it is to consider physical, mental, health and fitness.

Fitness – The engine is your body… it is like a piece of machinery, therefore it needs to work well not be corroded and badly maintained. All parts need to be cared for. Brain, muscles, blood, lungs, bones, arteries, cells. All need exercise on a regular basis to keep them strong and pumping energetically with reserves to draw on in case of need. …So exercise! A combination of stretching, cardio, strength and cross training for FITNESS!

Most of all, I feel the benefits of exercise and fitness come from natural exercise mixed with other forms, so lots of walking and then yoga, which is so helpful for mental as well as physical, stretching, flexibility, toning.

Did you know that in Ayurveda you can find the yoga and exercise, as well as the food and nutrition that go best with your own particular body type. It makes SUCH a difference and makes you feel so much better!

‘Physical fitness is not only one of the most important keys
to a healthy body, it is the basis of dynamic and
creative intellectual activity.’

— John F Kennedy

Think about how well you feel after you have done some exercise, physically and mentally – how your body feels, how your mind feels, that fulfilled feeling of blood flowing, muscles working, energy bouncing and your mindset – how many more ideas you have and how you seem to find solutions to challenges more easily and with less stress, your overall boost in positivity…

If you can’t wait, send me in your journal now so I can see how you are doing. I do hope you will take me up on my offer for personal feedback and advice for little tweaks and tips after you have completed this journal keeping exercise 

Have a great day!

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