Helen Normoyle: Menopause and the Workplace – Learn How to Thrive!

The menopause can be a controversial topic in the workplace, and also taboo. This needs to change and raising awareness on this is paramount for understanding (and for those more materialistically minded, for productivity) and it impacts men too!!

Helen Normoyle is co-founder of My Menopause Centre, a femtech startup, non exec Director at Allied Irish Bank and Travelodge, former CMO for Boots, the BBC, DFS and Countrywide as well as other roles with Motorola and Ofcom. She is a women’s wellness champion and leading light in the campaign to raise awareness on menopause.

We will be discussing:

  • The female recession and what we can do to counteract this.
  • The dialogue surrounding equality and what women really want.
  • How we can support this positively and dynamically .
  • Resilience and turning negatives into positives.
  • How the pandemic has caused a female recession but also opened pathways to a more equitable workforce and new opportunities.

More about Helen:

Helen Normoyle is a self-described women’s wellness champion and co-founder of My Menopause Centre. This femtech start up comprises an online clinic and community designed to empower women to take control of their menopause and thrive, using evidence-based information and advice from menopause experts.

Helen has held Chief Marketing Officer roles across the healthcare, beauty, broadcast, furniture and property sectors with Boots, the BBC, DFS and Countrywide respectively. She has also worked in the mobile technology sector with Motorola and in broadcast and telecoms regulation at Ofcom.

Helen is a non-executive director at Allied Irish Bank, Ireland’s leading financial services provider and #1 digital bank, where she also chairs the Sustainable Business Advisory Committee. Helen is also a non-executive director of Travelodge.

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