International Career Development

Grow the skills and capabilities for a dazzling international career

Understand the culture and way of working

To work successfully internationally it is essential to do so much more than learn the  language.  There are many topics to understand, accept and adapt to.

We can also have the challenge of taking on entirely new concepts that we never knew existed as different countries think, work, believe and feel differently on a whole range of topics…

These webinars will help you understand and open your mind to overcome the obstacles you are guaranteed to meet…

Webinars are:

  1. Cultural differences
  2. Values and Beliefs
  3. Ways of Working
  4. Communication
  5. Managing Differently
  6. Building Trust
  7. Meetings – Presenting / negotiating
  8. Genuine Vision

Start date: Thursday 2nd September at 5.00 pm London time (and then one per month…)

Price: First webinar free… 

  • Then £10.00 per webinar if paid individually
  • OR – whole series £50.00

ONE-CALL Consult

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