Step into their Shoes, Become a Native

Literally “step into the shoes” of a native speaker in order to pick up the relevant verbal and non verbal aspects involved in producing quality output in the language.

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OPAL – The magic spell for learning another language… 

Created and developed by the genius of Yves Thevenot: 

The OPAL credo is the acquisition of another language as a genuine second language and even a ‘second 1st language’ in its advanced levels! 

The main goal of the Opal method is to favour the fluent integration of any «foreign language» by implementing underlying and supposedly universal patterns. Those “organic patterns” are shared by all human beings and can be applied at any given time although, most of the time, they are kept dormant, which accounts for the difficulty most people experience when trying to “learn” another language. The heart of the approach is based on the creation of a «second linguistic position» also called «linguistic character», which is to be opposed to the conventional paradigm of «learning» another language. OPAL takes into account every single aspect of language acquisition, both verbal and non verbal, including pronunciation and tonic intonation which, although critical, are often overlooked in conventional pedagogy. 

Who can benefit from OPAL? 

Anybody who wishes to discover and implement the key elements which will trigger an exponential progression in their oral and comprehension skills as speakers of foreign languages can greatly benefit from this approach. The OPAL models and techniques are applicable to learning any language so that they can be used over and over again to acquire more idioms. 

What will you learn with OPAL? 

OPAL will especially guide people towards “quality acquisitions” in foreign languages that they will then know “in the muscles”, leading to a spectacular rendering of most verbal and non verbal aspects of these. 

Ultimately, the Opal model describes and transfers specific skills which “gifted language learners” consistently use. These critical skills are seldom if ever dealt with in “conventional” pedagogical literature. 

With OPAL you will learn to: 

  • Understand what are the “building blocks” for language acquisition and what are the inner unconscious strategies implemented by so-called “gifted learners”. These “building blocks” or patterns uniquely encompass both critical verbal and non verbal aspects of natural languages.
  • Use these “building blocks” in order to “learn” any natural language of your choice, regardless of any specific pedagogical path, with the highest degree of efficiency and excellence. 
  • Literally “step into the shoes” of a native speaker in order to pick up the relevant verbal and non verbal aspects involved in producing quality output in the language.
  • Identify what specific “roadblocks” have been preventing you to reach the kind of quality learning you’ve been dreaming of.
  • Discover strategies and models allowing you to literally double, triple, quadruple and more your sheer volume of practice in the language you have chosen to learn, all this almost effortlessly.
  • Use the IPA code to safely retrieve problematic pronunciation of some words or string of words.
  • Reach a level of excellence bordering on bilingualism in the target language. 
  • Make all these new skills and competence a genuine part of yourself and integrate them as such, thus gaining a whole new range of useful and creative behaviours.

“A different language is a different vision of life” 

~ Federico Fellini

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