What Have You Done Right?

What have you done right
Do you normally think about what you have done right and pat yourself on the back or beat yourself up for all the ‘wrong’ things that happen? Does grumpy sometimes become your middle name? Well....

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Do you normally think about what you have done right and pat yourself on the back or beat yourself up for all the ‘wrong’ things that happen?

I have been a real old misery-boots recently. Due to a combination of a couple of my plans going west and quite a few people being remarkably difficult and disorganised (winding me up briefly as patience has never been one of my strongest points), grumpy has become my middle name for the last few days…

This morning I thought – well at least I did something right, and very, very right! It is my son’s birthday! He is a really nice, generous, fun and good person (as is my daughter, I hasten to add). I really had all my skills, talents and ‘best’ me working when I gave the world two such charming children. Yes, I know I am being very complimentary about them, but everyone says the same about them even when they don’t know I am their mother, so they aren’t just trying to turn me up sweet by saying my kids are stars! 

Walking down the lane with the dogs I was thinking about how proud I could be, not only of my children, but also of myself for having such a wonderful pair. This sparked a question – what else have I done right?

Well, I am a pretty good rider (I used to compete horses), I’m a hard worker, I have set up good, interesting and successful businesses, I have a great sense of humour, I am good at giving confidence, at motivating people, at helping them see their talents and skills, at approaching issues (good or bad) from a new and refreshing angle, I am creative, I can inspire…  All things that I do right!

Now how often do I feel happy with myself for these attributes and probably several others if I cared to make a list? I don’t think about my good points, or at least only very rarely – far too busy criticising myself for doing things wrong and being useless… What do I feel now that I have thought of them? Happy, energised and smiling, the world seems a lighter, sunnier place…

Just take a few minutes and think about you – what have you done right today? This month? In your life? Doesn’t matter whether it is professional or personal, really think about you and your good points, your crowning moments, the things around you that you are proud of having done, that you feel good about.

Write yourself a list on pretty paper and in nice writing, even decorate it with a flower or two, or a smiley, or the sun, add a photo of you that you really like of yourself – something to make it positive and special…

Look at that picture of you and list of your attributes every morning when you get up and every evening when you go to bed – how does it make you feel? You see, you are a talented person, you have wonderful skills, you have done a lot right! Focus on the good, capable person you are.

You have already done a lot right, go do some more…

— This is your success! 

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