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This is your chance to enjoy following your holistic success journey to better career, mindset, fitness and nutrition. We invite you to explore the variety of programs that we offer, providing you with the best ways to define, create, achieve and enjoy!

International Career Development: Understand the culture and way of working.   

Language: Build your skills both in business English and genuine fluency.   

Wellbeing: Manage the pressure and optimise health and positivity.

Current programs available as follows:

Is your job international and you need to better understand the culture and way of working? 

OR, do you want to launch your international career?

Which objectives do you want to start on? Which solution do you want to achieve first? Start with:

Managing Remote Teams Masterclass

The Working Internationally Webinars

Interesting, productive workshops to start with, then try a ONE-CALL Consult to focus on specific aspects needed to achieve your choice of career and holistic success. 

What about languages? Maybe you are not a native English speaker and you need to speak English? Choose from the following:

Essential Business English

Fast-track International Culture & Business English

Additional training and coaching will be productive for career development particularly if working internationally.

Not only are business skills necessary but also languages, whether business English or genuine fluency in any language, as well as the challenges of adaptation and integration.

These can make all the difference for a rewarding, successful career.

Want to boost your career, maybe change direction or move upwards and forwards to the next level?

Maybe skills, stress and balance are mingling together with loss of focus instead of clarity and motivation…

With a choice of programs you can really improve and balance your lifestyle in every way!  Start with:

The Better Homeworking Workshop

SCOPE for Personal & Career Fulfilment

Enjoy the opportunity to go further with ‘The 4Fs’ and ‘Zen Den’ to positively change your life. Lessen stress, feel energised, balance life and career, boost you health and vitality – Live your life with passion and purpose! 

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