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The Working Internationally Webinars

To work successfully internationally it is essential to do so much more than learn the  language.  There are so many topics to understand, accept and adapt to. We can also have the challenge of taking on entirely new concepts that we never knew existed as different countries think, work, believe and feel differently on a whole range of topics…

These webinars will help you understand and open your mind to overcome the obstacles you are guaranteed to meet…

£10.00 per webinar if paid individually, or

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1. Cultural Differences


  1. Visiting other countries – business trips
  2. Other countries view of work life balance and work commitments
  3. Moving jobs / notice periods etc
  4. Integration or ex pat
  5. Improving cultural relations

Date: Thursday 2nd September at 5.00 pm UK time

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2. Values and Beliefs


  1. Differences
  2. Unknown concepts
  3. Respect, tone, acceptance, adaptation
Date: Thursday 16th September at 5.00 pm UK time

3. Ways of Working


  1. Hours / holidays
  2. Remotely / hybrid
  3. Integrated team / hierarchy / together / individual

Date: Thursday 30th September at 5.00 pm UK time

4. Communication


  1. Languages
  2. Mentor / network
  3. Body language / personal space / taboos

Date: Thursday 14th October at 5.00 pm UK time

5. Managing Differently


  1. Vision of management and what responsibilities are varies
  2. Managing a multicultural team
  3. Managing in another country
  4. Understand where/who the real power is
Date: Thursday 28th October at 5.00 pm UK time

6. Building Trust


  1. Adapt your style
  2. Respect different cultures
  3. Be flexible

Date: Thursday 11th November at 5.00 pm UK time

7. Meetings, presenting, Negotiating


  1. In another language / with other countries
  2. tone / different goals or accepted behaviours

Date: Thursday 25th November at 5.00 pm UK time

8. Genuine Vision


  1. Accept, adapt, positive dynamic
  2. Seek commonality between cultures

Date: Thursday 9th December at 5.00 pm UK time

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