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Need to relax? With audio recordings for relaxation, meditation and visualisation as well as videos of well-balanced yoga sequences you will find what you need to relax, feel positive and and energise your outlook!

Join the Zen Den

A motivating monthly program with new each month: 4 yoga video class recordings to exercise along to, 2 breathing exercises and meditations to relax to, a monthly holistic wellness webinar, a quiz / questionnaire / assessment to increase your knowledge and motivation. AND… fun extras - ranging from tips, meet-ups, events and even spontaneous pop-up live yoga classes to join! What more could you want to inspire you? All for just £45 per month. Join us now...

See some samples below:

Audio for you...

Guided meditations, relaxations and visualisations to calm, relax, refresh

Choose what you want to focus on today, get yourself comfortable in a relaxing place where you won’t be disturbed. Close the doors, turn off the phones, dim the lights… 

Start to breath gently and easily and let yourself drift off listening to the guided relaxation of your choice.

“I truly believe in health, wellness, and positive mindset.”

Yoga for you...

Stretch, strengthen, revitalise and energise

Start with the following sequences, rotating them through the week

Lunge Pose


Boat Pose


Triangle Pose


Down Dog


What is mindfulness and how can you practise it?

change your life

Come and enjoy...

Workshops and Retreats in beautiful Wales, France and Bermuda…

Lasting up to a week 5 or 6 times a year, incorporating yoga, ayurveda, and wellness (mindset, fitness, nutrition, wellness treatments, walking, meditation or peace of mind focus, destress etc) including classes on how to cook healthier food, give yourself some of the treatments, AND learn your dosha for better career and lifestyle choices!

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