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When a New Door Opens…

Something was in the air – totally unexpected and unplanned!
Most definitely a new door had opened up in front of me… Very scary, very tempting and very much pushing past the comfort zone… What should I do? What would you do?

How can we Manage Stress and Cope with our Comfort Zones

Some days it can be more difficult to go beyond the stress but that is usually when pushing the comfort zone as well.
We all get uptight and have sleepless nights, worries, doubts and feel destabilised.
How can we best face these situations in life?

More time – less stress… The magic key to your success!

How many of us say I’ll do it tomorrow. Then the next day, Oh I haven’t enough time, it’s too big a project, it’s complicated, I just need to finish this first, and I’ll do it tomorrow. – Tomorrow is often the busiest day of the week!

The importance of daily mindfulness

“When we get too caught up in the busyness of the world, we lose connection with one another – and ourselves.” – Jack Kornfield
Everyone bangs on about mindfulness and too much time spent on mobile phones, laptops, electronic gadgets etc but I honestly think that many of you, being younger than me, simply don’t have any concept of life without these

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Behind the Scenes

A Reverse Wake-UP Call!

A short piece in a major Sunday newspaper caught my eye with the heading ‘Retail boss blames her insomnia on email’. The item goes on to begin, ‘One of Britain’s leading businesswomen reveals today that she had to seek the help of a psychologist to cure her insomnia’.

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Dealing with stress and anxiety through wellness

During 2019 79% of workers experienced stress at work resulting in sleeping problems, reduced confidence, low motivation and less time at work. Why does focusing on wellness help us? Because if we approach wellness properly, we achieve physical, mental and emotional balance…

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Mindfulness vs Medication

DO THIS: Focus on ‘living in the now’, ‘keeping your thoughts in the present’, focusing on the here and now’, ‘appreciating the present moment’.
STOP THIS: Feeling regret / guilt about the past that can’t be changed – Too late, they have already been and gone! Don’t invent potential disastrous consequences for what might (and extremely probably won’t) happen in the future.

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The Chameleon

I met the ultimate language fluency chameleon in the creator of OPAL – I had the enormous good fortune to study under, and be trained by, the man himself…  

Listening to him, watching him, his culture, his attitude, his movement, I swear he is an American, then a Brazilian, then a Frenchman… I am so confused!

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Actions Speak Louder Than Words

For me, its the psychology behind acquiring real ease, fluency, comfort and being at home in another language – not just stepping into their shoes and becoming a native, but feeling so at ease that its like putting your slippers on.  I was trained by the great man himself, and really did have the experience of seeing him with several different pairs of slippers, each of which he slipped on with equal ease and comfort!  

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Working Abroad

The advantages? Cultural, financial, personal satisfaction and vastly enhanced career opportunities
The benefits are numerous: visiting a new country, discovering a new culture, often learning a new language, meeting some truly wonderful people, making lifelong friends and normally giving your career a real boost as well! Not

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Sleep, essential for your Success

I have been suffering from exhaustion recently, I was so tired I was getting dizzy spells – not good for anyone – and definitely not good for me! I know full well the dangers and problems of not getting enough sleep, I coach people on it for goodness sake, so why wasn’t I listening to my own pearls of wisdom?

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Integration or Repudiation

Who wants to spend time  with someone they don’t understand, who refuses to accept their way of life, their beliefs, their taboos, their evaluation of socially correct behaviour, their interests, their traditions, their heritage AND their humour!  

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Language Learning Beliefs

Beliefs, Modelling and Motivation… Do you know what yours are?
Here are some brief insights into thought-provoking exercises and techniques to successfully overcome barriers, facilitate fluency and find your goals and motivations to really gain momentum in language learning

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Channel your mind for Success

“When you are joyful, when you say yes to life and have fun and project positivity all around you, you become a sun in the center of every constellation, and people want to be near you.”
– Shannon L Alder

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What have you done right

What Have You Done Right?

Do you normally think about what you have done right and pat yourself on the back or beat yourself up for all the ‘wrong’ things that happen?
Does grumpy sometimes become your middle name?

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How Mind-Body Health Increases Success

Do you consider yourself successful? What do you think helps to be a success? Apart from skills, talents and knowledge what is the key to being able to perform and do well, achieve your objectives and have ever better results? The absolute fundamental, can’t-do-without, essential is good mind-body health!

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Balancing Negativity

Bad news people – our brains naturally have a negative bias! BUT the good news, we can change that and balance out our mind and the way the brain thinks. How can we do that? Well….

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