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I knew I was alone in a way that no earthling has ever been before. ~ Michael Collins

Do you ever feel like that? Particularly when you are working with another country and you aren’t totally familiar with their culture and way of working?

There are several things that can make you feel like this, and believe me everybody goes through these periods, even the most confident-appearing high-flyers!

Probably, you will think the problems are because you don’t speak the language well enough. I have lived/worked in 7 countries and with many others. Language really isn’t the obstacle – although it makes life easier – but I did work with one man, him speaking Italian, me speaking Spanish, with the odd word of French as a back-up!

The key is showing that you understand their needs, their values and their beliefs, in life not just at work. Often these are totally different to your concepts and culture, so stay open-minded and read/listen to everything possible to understand how they think, then adapt yourself to them.

They need to feel you understand them, respect them and are willing to work their way. They need to trust you! Then you are welcomed into their professional family and are no longer an earthling alone on another planet!

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