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Boost Your International Career

Is an international career something you have always dreamed of?

Do you know where you want to go, when you want to start and how to get that job?

What about moving to, and integrating in, the new country if you move and live there? Do you understand the reality?

Or, how can you manage the sector from abroad if you stay in your own country? What essentials do you need to take into account?

Take away: Action plan of what practical steps you need to take to make this project become reality… 

Manage Your Stress Points

What stress element is having the most negative impact on you? Are you even aware of which it is and what effect it is having?

What can you do to minimise the negative and optimise the positive?

**Pre-call questionnaire to complete and return.

Take away: How you can balance or manage your particular stress points better…

Find Your Career Purpose

Have you found your real purpose in life? Is it essential to give up everything or initiate a complete change to do this?

To what extent are you following your true beliefs and values in your work?

How can you move closer to your objectives and remove or reduce the potential challenges and barriers? 

**Pre-call questionnaire to complete and return.

Take away: Clarification on your choices and options together with next steps action plan…

Create Your Lifestyle Balance

How balanced is your lifestyle? Do you have enough quality time for everything you want to do? What about ‘you’ time? Your career? Your family and friends? Your health? Your hobbies? What about fun and relaxation? 

Are these four elements – career, mindset, fitness and nutrition – all in alignment? How can you boost the weaker areas and increase your opportunities and harmony in all? 

**Pre-call questionnaire and wellness wheel to complete and return.

Take away: Knowledge of how balanced (or not) your lifestyle really is and action plan for the areas you need to improve.

What My Clients Say

Anna est une personne qui sait chercher au fond de nous la ressources pour prendre confiance et voir les choses sous un angle meilleur. Professionnelle, impliquée et disponible, c'est un réél plaisir de partager les sujets les plus difficiles et trouver des solutions conjointement.
Nathalie Prades
Director, CSP Paie
J'ai beaucoup apprécié travailler avec Anna Letitia : professionnelle, pédagogue et sympathique, un très bon contact. Je la recommande vivement !
Murielle Motte
Sinistres MRH
Anna is an excellent teacher and coach, friendly, patient, supportive and objective. As well as providing me with clear and accurate development tools and career advice, she showed me the interaction between different countries and the language of corporate culture in an international business environment. She has a lot of empathy so she is very easy to get on with and I felt comfortable working with her.
Jerome Bronchart
Key Account Manager

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